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Warm, and if her Archeon characteristics shocked him, he hid it well. His hand reached out to hers in a handshake, which turned into a hug as she came closer to him. I'm happy to welcome you back aboard. Thank you, Captain, she said, accepting his hug. Rich, David, good to see you as well. Each of the officers nodded, and made a slight grunting sound-- a sort of male acknowledgment of her existence. Venice did not bother introducing the machines who served as her escorts. She followed the captain to the small conference room on A Deck, the same one where she had first heard her name mentioned by an Archeon. Runyon stood outside the door, directed by a nod. At her request, Weber and Ware were dismissed; only the captain and Cention were in the room with her. The captain himself served the tea, and as she took her cup, she began their conversation. Captain, if you will allow it, I need to have Cention in the room. He is not even to speak, but he is here as Azareel's eyes and imobiliare bucuresti ears. She grinned ruefully. Azareel does not trust me, not entirely, even now. The only way he would agree to this meeting without him being present, is if he has a go to website record for his later perusal. No problem, Venice. McPherson rose, pacing in front of imobiliare bucuresti the table. I have never had the opportunity to let you how much I respect what you did when you left. Redwine told me of your struggles that day and the days that followed. McPherson paused. I know that you tried, more than once, to save yourself and Ag Tech Duke and return to this ship. So I know what a sacrifice all this has been. As he spoke the words, his hand gestured to encomp her, from her bald head to her slippered feet. I appreciate what you did then, and what you are doing each day. Venice sipped her tea, appreciating its familiar taste. I won't lie to you. I had no inkling of what was to happen. That's for sure. But it has been quite an interesting experience. Venice leaned back in bucuresti the chair, comfortable in his presence. But that's not why I came. What I really need is to talk about what has happened since we first found out that imobiliare bucuresti we are all inhabiting the same planet. However, some additional background might be helpful. I don't know exactly what Major Redwine told you, so how much do you want? You have the day. Why not start the last time I saw you, on the hangar deck, as the Archeons took you to their shuttle. McPherson glanced at the android, who stood at attention against one wall of the conference room. As much as you are comfortable in telling me, of course. McPherson took a chair across from her and listened. Venice spoke quietly, telling her story, much as she had told it to Major Redwine. She left out some parts, fleshed out others, ones which she thought would interest her former captain. But she began to go into quite a bit more detail when she got to Steve's last visit, and the aftermath. Perhaps I was too direct and even too honest with Azareel. My feelings for Steve haven't changed. Not much, anyway. As the years ped, I mourned him, because he was dead to me. Once I saw him again, I wanted my old life back. I begged Azareel to let me leave. I wept and pled for my freedom, doing all the things that males